Take Action

Here’s what you can do right now!

Join CCL Today! 

Join Citizens’ Climate Lobby to stay up-to-date on events and information regarding climate action. This is also a great way to connect with the community!

If you are you a new member or you want to get more involved…
  • You can also sign up for an information session and learn more about Citizens’ Climate Lobby and how you can make a difference – it covers the basics about our approach and our preferred solution. Get your questions answered live!
  • If you want to become more involved LOCALLY here in Marin, take this brief questionnaire that can provide areas where you can contribute and make of difference:

Write to Congress

Contact our Representative Jared Huffman here

Contact Senator Dianne Feinstein here

Contact Senator Alex Padilla here

Learn about the Energy Innovation and Climate Dividend Act and what you can do TODAY to support this important House bill.

Interested in writing to a newspaper? Share your voice!

Visit the Citizens’ Climate Community for resources on how to write an effective letter.

Go Green!

Additional resources are available below to help you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to positive environmental change in your neighborhood!

MCE – Go Deep Green                                                   Compost

Convert to LED Lighting                                                Go Solar

Eat Less Meat                                                                    Resilient Neighborhoods

Change to an Electric Vehicle